Caitrin & Scott – Cayucos Creek Barn Wedding, Cayucos

There are so many reasons why I became an event planner, but there is only one that makes me the happiest. You know what the best, and I mean, THE BEST thing about creating weddings? Getting really awesomely in love (down-to-Earth) clients.

I don’t mean that in a cheeseball way, but have you ever met a couple and you just KNOW. It just clicks and you say, “Wow, I get it. Everyone gets it – they are the real deal.”

I think as we get older, we realize that there are so many different kinds of love. Some are passionate.  Some are respectful. Some are just down right egotistical. Then you see THE ONE that is so beautiful you cannot help but cry when you witness the vow exchange.

This is Caitrin and Scott. They are in love beyond this world and the magic of their happiness totally came in waves throughout the day, embracing everyone that came to be a part of their union.

Phillips_Chappelle_David_Pascolla_Photography_CayucosCreekBarn1_low Phillips_Chappelle_David_Pascolla_Photography_CayucosCreekBarn8_low Phillips_Chappelle_David_Pascolla_Photography_CayucosCreekBarn11_low Phillips_Chappelle_David_Pascolla_Photography_Chappelle035_low Phillips_Chappelle_David_Pascolla_Photography_CayucosCreekBarn13_low Phillips_Chappelle_David_Pascolla_Photography_Chappelle116_low Phillips_Chappelle_David_Pascolla_Photography_Chappelle197_low Phillips_Chappelle_David_Pascolla_Photography_Chappelle284_low Phillips_Chappelle_David_Pascolla_Photography_Chappelle384_low Phillips_Chappelle_David_Pascolla_Photography_Chappelle434_low Phillips_Chappelle_David_Pascolla_Photography_Chappelle436_low Phillips_Chappelle_David_Pascolla_Photography_Chappelle449_low Phillips_Chappelle_David_Pascolla_Photography_Chappelle453_low Phillips_Chappelle_David_Pascolla_Photography_Chappelle520_low Phillips_Chappelle_David_Pascolla_Photography_Chappelle527_low Phillips_Chappelle_David_Pascolla_Photography_Chappelle567_low Phillips_Chappelle_David_Pascolla_Photography_Chappelle573_low Phillips_Chappelle_David_Pascolla_Photography_Chappelle612_low Phillips_Chappelle_David_Pascolla_Photography_Chappelle618_low Phillips_Chappelle_David_Pascolla_Photography_Chappelle583_low

Photography: David Pascolla Photography

Venue: Cayucos Creek Barn

Florist: Lori Boe Florals

Entertainment: DJ Crimson

Caterer: Phil’s Catering


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