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“Korinna with Le Festin Events was an absolute dream. We hired her as our overall event planner for the months before the wedding, and my husband and I both feel it was the single best decision that we made.

Korinna did everything, did it perfectly, did it on time, and did it with style. She immediately understood the overall feeling we wanted for the wedding, and she communicated it extremely well to all our vendors. She was always responsive and flexible, answering emails often within minutes and staying on top of things even when we were changing our minds about what we wanted. Meetings with her were fun (she’s got a great sense of humor) but also always focused and productive. Any time I emailed her panicked because I thought we had forgotten something, she would already have taken care of it. All of her suggestions were fantastic, elegant, and stylish. She possesses a rare combination of creative talent and organizational ability — pretty much exactly what you want in an event planner. She kept us within budget, and her own prices were a total bargain given how much work she did and how much work she saved us.

She told us that her goal was to make my fiance and me feel like guests at our wedding, and she very much accomplished that. Even in the weeks leading up to the event, friends and acquaintances would give me weird looks and tell me I looked entirely too calm to be getting married in a few weeks. I’m usually an anxious control freak about important things, but Korinna proved so trustworthy that I was confident just letting her handle everything, which meant that I could relax and enjoy the lead up to the wedding. And the wedding itself was absolutely perfect, just everything we envisioned.

If I could afford to hire Korinna just to follow me around every day to keep me on track and feeling fabulous, I totally would. I would absolutely recommend Korinna and Le Festin Events.” – Lisa


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