Selecting a Cake Designer or Baker For Your Wedding

I have had clients tell me they want to forego the cake and go for something less traditional. The funny thing is, most such clients do not want cake because they are “traditional”, they don’t want cake because of this common question muttered by many-a-brides… “When was the last time you ate cake at a wedding and remembered it?

Let me tell you something folks. I got hitched a few years ago, and my guests can STILL remember the wedding cake. Oooh, my goodness, my thighs are gaining calories at just the thought of that delectable ridiculousness. It was a chocolate cake with “homemade” hazelnut cream, under a silky chocolate ganache. My mouth just watered, and I can guarantee that any of my wedding guests who reads this article will too. It was THAT good.

If you take the time to look for the right vendor who can capture your taste buds, as well as flirt with your vision – you have a winner! A cake is such a magnificent centerpiece that can truly capture personalities AND your wedding theme. I have often heard guests exclaim, “OH WOW!” as past cakes were revealed. Your cake will definitely NOT be forgotten, if you find the right baker/cake designer… but seriously, TAKE THE TIME, because if you’re going to shell out some dough, you may as well get compliments for the end result!

The CAKE EXPERT to answer our 3 Questions is the lovely, talented and most definitely “muy caliente” JENNY PERELLO of CAKE CATHEDRAL. Her works can be seen throughout the Central Coast and has been featured in My Fair Weddings with David Tutera.

Take it away Jenny…

1) When searching for a vendor in your field, what should clients look or watch out for?

 Two words that immediately leap to mind are “Integrity” and “Enthusiasm”.  Let’s address “Integrity” first.  There are a lot of copy-cat cake ‘artists’ out there who take credit for other peoples’ work.  Their galleries are filled with it!  In my business, cake trends come and go.  Couples bring me photos all the time of cakes that they have been drawn to, which is fine, but in the end, I try to encourage using them as inspiration only….besides, copying someone else’s work is boring.  When I’m in my creative mode, my mind is like a pin-ball machine.  I’ll take my cue from just about anything…save-the-dates, the bride’s gown, even the color of her shoes! However I never attempt to push my vision on anyone.  As for “Enthusiasm”, if your cake vendor isn’t excited for you and eager to help make your big day very special, then (s)he is not the right fit.   

Tiramisu Cake - Cake Cathedral

 2) What should clients do to prepare for a meeting with a cake designer?

 When a bride initially reaches out to me, I have a few standard questions for her.  Besides asking the obvious, like date, venue, guest count, etc., I like to know if she already has somewhat of a vision for her cake…if so, we’ll start from there in the design process, otherwise we’ll start from scratch.  Budget is also a very important issue.  Unfortunately, many people seem shocked at the cost of a wedding cake.  Little do they know how many hours go into creating a beautiful centerpiece for their reception!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “I just want something simple with a few sugar flowers”, not realizing that it can take an hour or so just to make ONE botanically correct rose or peony!!!   Respect goes both ways, and acknowledging an artist’s time and talent is important. 

Do you know how many hours it took to make these flowers?

Do you know how many hours it took to make these flowers? A LOT!

 3) Any words of advice for Brides & Grooms regarding your particular field and how it relates to weddings?

 Once you’ve made your choice for a cake vendor, trust him/her.  We are talking about that person’s area of expertise and as such, a couple should know that they are in good hands.  A wedding is a huge deal, so let the baker (or any of the couple’s chosen vendors for that matter) do what they do best and try to enjoy the process without stressing out!

Birdcage Cake - Cake Cathedral


Even if you have opted for a simple, cutting cake, give it some extra love by using professional lighting to feature that scrumptious work of art! Pin lights give that extra OOOMPH to an otherwise plain cake.

All cakes shown above were made by Cake Cathedral and images are copyright by their respective photographers.

Next Up… Selecting a Caterer